Science Live Show "UNIVERSE"
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Solar System Simulation
Live Astronomical Observation
Galaxy Collision Simulation
Gravitational Lens Effect Simulation
3D Aurora Movies
Guest Corner
International Space Station
Molecular Dynamics Simulation
Star Formation
Radio Astoronomy
Interstellar Cruising

Interstellar Cruising

Traveling through out the solar system.
-Let's go to the world of constellations

3D Dome Projection

The 3D space simulator that lets you explore the universe. You can travel through out the solar system and reach the end of the universe!

Fly out from the solar system

The milky way

2D Flat Projection

Fly out from our solar system and visit stars many lightyears away! Based upon the scientific data, you can see the distribution of stars of constellations in three-dimensional space and watch the difference of constellations looked from other stars. One of you will take the helm of our starship as a captain. You can get an image of starry sky from the destination star.

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